ISS-Tracker by Thomas Murr

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This ISS tracker is a purely private project! It does not pursue any commercial interests, but is only intended for those interested in the International Space Station! 


This page uses services from OpenStreetMap and to optionally find location and geo-data for you. Visible overflight times of the stations can then be calculated for the selected observation location and the observation-point can be optionally saved by using a cookie (valid for 180 days) so that the desired location can be displayed again when the tracker is called up later. However, the use of this feature is optional! Otherwise the overflight times of Ingersheim (default location and home of Thomas) are displayed.

A live stream from the ISS is also integrated via Ustream (IBM). With the integration of this service personal data (your IP-address) can be transmitted to third-party platforms. However, the live stream is NOT started automatically and will only loaded (and thus transferring data) if you press the corresponding button, so the use of this feature is also optional.

Your possible consent for loading the ISS-Tracker will be saved in a cookie for 180 days so that you do not have to agree to this every time you visit this page again. You can withdraw your consent at any time at the bottom of the following page. 

You can find out more about this in our Privacy Policy (only available in German language). By activating the following button you agree to the conditions and the ISS tracker is loaded. Otherwise, please leave this page. 

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